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Touring Caravan Site & Fishing Lakes


The Top Lake

The top lake, (also known as the Doughnut due to it

being circular with an island) is an 18 peg lake. Carp

here average around 8lb but don’t be surprised to catch

them over 10lb, Barbel are regularly being caught now

and are gaining weight since their introduction a few

years ago. There are plenty of skimmers with lots of

silvers. Matches often produce weights over 100 lb.

The Long Lake

Is an 11 peg lake being a canal shape with

fishing only available from one side of the

lake. Carp average around 6lb, Barbel are

regularly being caught, as are a variety of

silver fish of varying sizes. This lake is

particularly good for small matches, batch

bookings, children and beginners of all ages.

The Horns Dam

This 4 acre, 40 peg water accommodates

larger matches and has well spaced pegs for

carp fishing. The Horns Dam is very popular with

the carp angler, pleasure fisherman and match

angler. The historic lake throws out plenty of

surprises with carp over 25 lb, bream over 10 lb

and tench over 6 lb, with a good head of roach,

rudd, chub and specimen perch.

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